Theater Laboratory "Sfumato”

Sfumato is a long-term creative strategy working on the conviction that the artistic and the spiritual have a common nature. We’re not so much interested by man in himself or by man in the community, but rather by man in genesis. Not the application, but the purpose of creation. We see theatre as an intuition for genesis, as a vertical living which bounces off the “worldly prose” and pulls “here” to “there”, “now”to “always”. A theatre of the overstatement. The performance –“a machine for transportation elsewhere”(A.Artaud)

"Sfumato" is a theater in the statute of theater-laboratory subsidized by the State and financed by programs, sponsors and own contributions (box office and others).

"Sfumato" is created in 1989 by directors MARGARITA MLADENOVA and IVAN DOBCHEV as a territory of theatrical researches based on the following artistic principles: researches in long-term programs, workshops, parallel programs; it is a long-term authors strategy which works according to its own methods and creative models.

Theater Laboratory "Sfumato” occupies a very prestigious place in the Bulgarian and European theatrical landscape, its experience in the international work is very rich /more than 200 representations on touring/.

After 2002 we began to develop a new space as a place for research, creation and presentation, as an international center of theatrical innovation where we emphasize the work with the young creators in all the artistic domains.


Theatre-Laboratory “SFUMATO”

2, Dimitar Grekov, SOFIA 1504 BULGARIA

Phone: +359 2 943 39 35


FB: Theatre-Laboratory “Sfumato”


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