Ballet Nacional de España

The National Ballet of Spain is one of the most famous in the world. Founded in 1978 by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, with Director Antonio Gades (1978-1980) and more than 30 years is the best ambassador of Spanish culture in the world. The Ballet evolves with time and has retained an interest in all styles of Spanish dance, performing a bolero, a stylized flamenco and other. On the other hand, the ballet is combining tradition and modernity.

The National Ballet of Spain, created only by star dancers performing the best choreography of Spain to the accompaniment of excellent guitarists and singers. During its 33 years of work, the ballet was presented in the most prestigious theaters in the world in emblematic works such as "Medea" by Jose Granero, "Rhythms" by Alberto Lorca, "Soler's Fandango by Jose Antonio, and many more .The management of the artistic director Antonio Nahar dancers paint elegant portraits of modern flamenco, with breathtaking solos, duets and ensembles.

The National Ballet of Spain is a unique experience!

Venue: National Palace of Culture, Hall 1

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