"Click" - Dance Performance "By Children - For Children"


Тhe dance performance “Click” with a premiere at Sofia Dance Week is the first professional dance performance “by children – for children” by the Iliev Dance Art Foundation in Bulgaria. “Click” is the final product of the specialized “Children’s Dance Program” of the foundation, targeted at children from public schools in Sofia, including “at risk” children. More than 80 participants are involved in the production, most of whom with no previous dance experience. During the ten-month long rehearsal period, the children worked intensely with choreographer Petur Iliev. On stage they appear together with four professional dancers.

The dance performance “Click” tells the story of the evolution of humankind from ancient times to present day through the development of dance, using different dance styles to demonstrate it. The performance “by children – for children” treats also up-to-date issues like the role of education in the contemporary digitalized environment and the overflow of easily accessible information. In a light, funny and emotional way it addresses important matters concerning our future.

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