Discussion: Sofia: So Close, So Far


Sofia: So Close, So Far 

December 10, 2013     
National Palace of Culture, floor 3, 1pm- 3pm

The discussion is organized as part of the exhibition of young Bulgarian artists from abroad, who participate in the discussion “So Close, So Far” Part II, arranged by the National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”.


Sofia Development Association
National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria " 


National Palace of Culture   
State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad

The discussion is in the context of events and program of the International Book Fair that will take place between December 10and 15, 2013, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Participants are contemporary Bulgarian artists from abroad, taking part in the exhibition "So Close, So Far" Part II and representatives of artistic and academic circles in Sofia.

The purpose of this discussion is to activate the European dimension of cultural and artistic offerings in Sofia, in the context of the candidacy of Sofia and the Southwest region for European Capital of Culture. By participating in this initiative, Sofia seeks to turn from a city in Europe into a European city. These objectives correspond to the city's long-term development cultural strategy up to 2023. Following this strategy, Sofia seeks to achieve equal participation in global cultural processes. This programme is going to develop the process of opening up of the city to the European and global cultural communication, understood as a process of active, visible participation in the creation, distribution and consumption of cultural products and policies.

            In the 21st century, the participation of the cities in global processes and markets has numerous economic, social and political advantages and it is inevitable performance. The Globalization brings with it numerous paradoxes: increasing interconnectedness of cultures (and cultural markets) but more regionalization and closing of the national; oversupply of cultural products, but increasing specialization of consumption and profiling audiences that has easier access and increasingly growing commercialization of cultural products. Against this background, the opposition between the import/export of culture is no longer enough. The new competition between cities is a competition for positioning in the cultural and communications market, because it leads to attracting investment and human capital, improving the quality of life of urban residents, etc.

            In this globalized context and competitive supply of cultural products, Sofia has to build up its own face and find its niche in the region to develop in the best possible way and thus position itself on the European cultural map. Some of the topics that will be debated during the discussion are how will we achieve this and what the challenges lie ahead.

Participants in the discussion:

Svetlana Lomeva, Sofia Development Association, Professor Greddy Assa, National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria",  Dr. Todor Chobanov , Deputy Mayor of Sofia, Alek Popov, Board Member of the National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria", Georgi Lozanov, Member of the Board of the National Endowment Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria", Prof. Alexander Kiossev, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" 

Participants in the exhibition:

Milena Neubert - Leipzig, Hristo Gelov - Madrid, Nikola Velchov and Ivan Vasilchin - Star Besheno, Sandra Stoicheva - Amsterdam, Rada Yakova - The Hague, Vikenti Komitski - Berlin and Vienna, Stanka Zheleva - Sofia and Paris, Antonia Duende - Berlin

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