Sweet Easter Etudes

Exhibition of boutique cakes and sugar figures in the Russian Culture-informational Centre, 34, Shipka Str., Sofia
17.04.2012 , 18:00 h – inauguration of the exhibition of sugar figures and photos of cakes
18.04.2012, 18.00 -20.00 h – presentation of the cakes and charity sale of cakes, muffins and cookies
The sugar masters from the bg-mamma Cake forum will present their cakes.
All raised money will be donated to the Movement of the Bulgarian Mothers for a project, supporting the children from the Medical and Social Care Home for Children “Sveta Paraskeva.”
The cause, which we are raising funds, is a project of the Movement of the Bulgarian Mothers, implemented in the Medical and Social Care Home for Children “Sveta Paraskeva” in Sofia city for hiring specialized staff for the children with disabilities http://www.fdbm.org/en/home.html . This is a currently operating project and the results from the specialists’ work with the children are very good.
Everyone, willing to support the project, can make a money transfer to this bank account:
Първа инвестиционна банка
IBAN BG15FINV91501200148846
"Движение на българските майки" за ДМСГД „Св.Параскева”

Donations can be made during the exhibition too in the specially prepared donation box.
We invite you to visit the exhibition, we promise you something really interesting and all together we will support the neglected by the society children, so that they get a chance for more normal life.
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