30.04 - 08.05.2014

For 9 days (31.04 - 08.05.2014) the Finnish public will have the opportunity to learn about a large- scale project, which will be presented in different parts of the country. Sofia Paper Art Fest- SHARE IDEAS is organized by AMATERAS foundation www.amateraseu, which aims to reveal unsuspected potential of paper, to exit the boundaries of conventional and show young talents. The presentations will show editions from previous years and their achievements. The photos will reveal captivating and original paper works, and for the professionals information about the work on the creation of such festival is provided. The purpose of the presentations is to encourage participation in the project, cultural exchange and new partnerships.

      Todor Todorov - sculptor and art director of Sofia Paper Art Fest and Daniela Todorova - artist and curator of Sofia Paper Art Fest will participate in the event.A surprise for the public will be the lecture of Todor Todorov about the new theory- ELEMENTAL SCULPTURE, which is a great achievement and has an important contribution for the innovative thinking of contemporary authors working with outdoor sculpture. The book “Elemental Sculpture – Theory and Practice” is published by Cambridge Scholars Publishingon 01.03.2014.

   The foreign participation, the increased interest and dimension of the event and the role that it plays for Sofia’s candidature for European Capital of Culture in 2019 talk about the success of the initiative.

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