Dance It! 2012 – Autumn Edition
10.09 - 16.09.2012


Dance It! is a dance intensive week-long workshop program, which will be held for the second time this year from the10th to the 16th of September in the National School of Dance Art in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is a project by Iliev Dance Art Foundation, an internationally-focused organization founded in 2008 by Petur Iliev – Bulgarian-born choreographer in Chicago, Seattle and Sofia. The America for Bulgaria Foundation is the project’s main funding partner since 2011.

During the dance intensive week the participants will have the opportunity to learn new dance techniques in 5 different styles: Ballet – Balanchine style, Broadway jazz, contemporary dance, hip-hip and character dance. Each of the invited American and Bulgarian choreographers is an established and renowned expert in their field, whose individual approach and interesting professional experience will inevitably motivate the participants.

Since 2008 more than 450 dancers from Bulgaria, Montenegro and the USA have participated in the Dance It! project. Over 25 young Bulgarian talents have received scholarships to take part in intensive summer dance courses in top schools and universities in the US. Some of Dance It! scholarship students are currently working at the National Bulgarian Opera, the Bulgarian State Music and Ballet Center, the State Opera in the city of Rousse, as well as in theaters and dance companies in Germany, Italy and the US.

For the first time ever after the spring workshop program there will be an additional one organized in September. This is the result of the overwhelming success of the April edition of Dance It!, as well as a respond to the rising demand from participants looking to perfect their techniques through repeatedly attending the Dance It! workshops. The lack of similar summer dance intensive training in Bulgaria is another reason motivating the decision towards a second Dance It! program in 2012.

During the program the young dancers will work alongside the famous choreographers. In the span of one week they will develop a new repertoire, which will be shown in open studio performances on the 15th of September at the National School of Dance Art.

The Dance It! program also includes: one dance flash mob out in the city of Sofia, as well as an interactive discussion with former Dance It! scholarship students, who will talk about their experiences in famous dance schools and companies in the US.

For more information and for registration, please visit Iliev Dance Art Foundation’s webpage at: www.ilievdance.orgRunning Sneakers Store | Nike Air Max 270