Sharing SPACES

While discussing community participation, we often overlook the interdependence between social and physical/spatial urban structures. Space provides structures and symbols, establishes limits, and channels flows. We want to create a sense of shared space in our city and among our citizens. The way our shared spaces look and function has an enormous effect on the local activity, access to arts and culture, residential security and personal safety. We will organize programmes in natural shared spaces: churches, cemeteries, parks, yards, office buildings, malls and metro stations, to revitalize the city and saturate it with art, allowing citizens᾿ surprising encounters and inspiring experiences. Moreover, the good urban design of shared spaces has economic, social and environmental value. To achieve that, it has to be based on social acceptance. We will pilot designing spaces by joining hands with the citizens to establish new models of city ownership. Sharing spaces also means challenging barriers, including state borders.